You've found it!

You may be asking yourself, "So what have I found?" Well, you've found a group of people in Danville, Ky., who desire to be nothing more than Christians striving to follow the teachings of the New Testament in their daily lives and their worship to God. So welcome to our website and feel free to browse around and learn more about us.

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3rd Quarter Bible Classes

Classes for the third quarter begin July 3rd. 

-All children classes up to and including high school - Judges To The Reign Of Solomon

-College/Young Adults  - Basics Christian Principles

-Auditorium Adults  -  Blessed To Bless - What Does The Bible Say About Money

New Podcast

Hello all,

Mike and I have started a weekly podcast for the website dealing with common Bible questions and topics. They will be uploaded on Fridays and can be found in the sermon section. Please check these out and share them with your friends! We have also set up an email specifically for questions or topic suggestions regarding the podcast at


Matt Arnold

New Blog Articles

We have a weekly blog on lessons from the book of Acts that will be updated every Monday! You can find it under the "About Us" tab. Several men from the congregation are involved in writing these!

Friday September 30 2016

Old Testament: Isaiah 8-9 Isaiah 8-9

(Daily Reading, ESV)