“Lessons from Acts 6”

As Acts 6 opens, we see that it didn’t take long for an issue to arise in the NT church.  That should be a lesson to us today.  Anytime people are involved, one can almost always expect issues and differences to arise.  How issues are handled is of critical importance as Christians strive for peace in serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  The fact that issues arise may not necessarily be sinful and should be to some degree expected.  Again, it’s how issues are dealt with and handled that is very important. 

The apostles did not want to be disturbed from, or taken away from, teaching the word of God.  So they asked the group to choose proven and wise men to be put in charge of the task at hand.  The plan met with approval and prayer was offered as part of this decision process.  There is hardly any decision or situation we read about in the book of Acts that involves the apostles in which we don’t read of them praying to God.  They prayed in Chapter 1, for example, over the decision to make Matthias an apostle.  We see the important role of prayer again here in chapter 6.  That is another critical example for us to follow and lesson for us to learn. 

Another critical lesson for us to learn in Acts chapter 6 is the importance of having an attitude of service.   Jesus Christ is the ultimate example of service.  In John 13 we read where He washed the feet of the apostles.  We need to have a genuine attitude of service to others in everything we do.

As the chapter concludes, we see Stephen, a man full of grace and power, working to evangelize people.  But enemies of the Way bring false accusations against him, even though they knew he was correct and could not honestly argue against him (vs. 10).  Not much has really changed.  People still try to distort the Word of God and treat Christians badly, even though the Word cannot be denied.  Christians should be prepared for this type of feedback and behavior.  But they should work hard to not let it discourage them.  Stephen gives us an example of bravery to follow in how to handle this situation, as we shall see in Acts chapter 7!

Even though chapter 6 is short in length, it certainly is not short on powerful lessons for us to put into practice!

-Damon Stewart